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The sociological definition of the "Black Belt," as related to the history of this cotton-dependent region, refers to a much larger region of the Southern United States , stretching from Delaware to Texas but centered on the Black Belt of uplands areas of Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. In the antebellum and Jim Crow eras, the white elite of the Black Belt dominated Alabama state politics well into the s. As in other southern states, the white-dominated state legislature of Alabama passed laws and a constitution that created barriers to voter registration, essentially disfranchising most blacks and many poor whites.

In addition, the state legislature did not redistrict congressional or state legislative districts after until it did so in the s under US Supreme Court order. The white rural elite continued to dominate the state despite the rise of urbanized, industrial cities such as Birmingham, Alabama. Montgomery , the Black Belt's largest city, has been the capital of Alabama since Montgomery and Selma and other parts of the Black Belt were important centers of African-American public activism during the Civil Rights Movement from the s to Since the black population gained the renewed ability to exercise their franchise after under the Voting Rights Act , they have largely supported Democratic Party candidates.

This is in contrast to the majority-white areas of the state, where since the late 20th century, conservatives have largely shifted from the Democratic to the Republican Party.

Black Belt (region of Alabama)

The region is underlain by a thin layer of rich, black topsoil developed atop the chalk of the Selma Group , a geologic unit dating to the Cretaceous. The soils have developed continuously at least since the Pliocene Epoch. Because the underlying chalk is nearly impermeable to groundwater , the black soils tend to dry out during the summer. The natural vegetation of the chalk belt consisted mainly of oak-hickory forest interspersed with shortgrass prairie, while the sandy ridges flanking the chalk belt supported pine forest. Lacking a reliable source of water, the earliest settlers avoided farming the black soil in the belt until the discovery that deep artesian wells could be drilled to supply water for people, livestock, and crops.

Beginning in the s after Indian Removal , cotton plantations were developed that produced the commodity crop that became Alabama's greatest source of wealth. Before the American Civil War , these plantations were worked by thousands of African American slaves. The Black Belt region had the highest density of population in the state and was majority-black.

The white planters and their elected representatives of the Black Belt established political power in the state legislature in the cotton era; the white rural elite retained their dominance long after the state began to develop more urbanized areas and an industrial economy. The state legislature did not redistrict to reflect population changes and the rise of urban areas from to , when it was ordered by a federal court, following important apportionment cases such as Baker v. Birmingham, the largest and most industrialized city in the state, was among those whose residents, both black and white, had been underrepresented for decades in the state legislature.

The Black Belt's largest city, Montgomery , was designated as the capital of Alabama in Because Alabama was geographically central to the slave states, Montgomery was also designated as the original capital of the Confederate States of America. The region's distance from the front lines during the American Civil War saved it from much of the ravages of war. Many of the Greek Revival mansions of the 19th-century planters have survived, as have some of the plantations' slave quarters. Gaineswood in Demopolis and Magnolia Grove in Greensboro, Alabama are among those that can be visited by tourists today.

Many descendants of freed slaves continued to work as sharecroppers and laborers after emancipation, but many migrated among the counties, moved to cities, or left the state for other opportunities. Around —20, the infestation of the cotton crop by the boll weevil destroyed much of the crops and plantation system, but the lingering effects of a cotton economy remain evident. To escape lynchings and social oppression, and after the boll weevil and increased mechanization of agriculture, thousands of African Americans left Alabama to go to industrial cities of the North and Midwest in the Great Migration of the first half of the 20th century.

But, African Americans continue to make up the majority proportion of the population in most rural Black Belt counties. Today the term "Black Belt" is commonly used by scholars and the media as a demographic characterization, as well as a geologic one. These included Rosa Parks ' refusal to give up her bus seat, which led to the Montgomery Bus Boycott ; the Selma to Montgomery marches of and voter registration reform drives, focusing in Selma, to enable African Americans to vote see Voting Rights Act.

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Alabama State Athletics - Black and Gold Game date and surrounding activities announced

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