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Would you date male gynaecologist?

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I'm medical student and I'm really interested about gynaecology and obstetrics because it's a field that combines primary care with surgery quite nicely. But I talked to one of the obgyn residents I know and he said that most of the women he meets thinks that he is some kind of pervert because of his career.

He told me that if he only tells that he's a doctor, women are really excited and almost ready to marry him on the spot, but when he tells that he's gynaecologist they are almost running away. If someone is a pervert and wants to look at vaginas all day to get off, there are far easier ways to do it than going to medical school to become a doctor. Likelihood of that actually happening is probably like getting struck by lightning after losing your winning lottery ticket in a shark attack buuuuut However, I would go to a male gynecologist. It's cool if someone is personally uncomfortable to be seen by one, but thinking they're creepy?

It's such an important profession. I kinda like the ability to pick up and go whenever and tend to date people who put work really low on their priority list. Also, it's not like a doctor would ever date me , so it's not really a concern.

This is probably presumptuous of me but I assume it's a profession many people get into because they're a fan of stability, financial or otherwise. I make barely over minimum wage, probably never will, and I.. Far from an overall picture of my person, but indicative of my lifestyle which is a deal breaker for lots of people!

A gynecologist’s advice for men on a first date

I would not see a male gynaecologist personally There are many cases where a man can be even more sympathetic to a woman's daily issues related to Gynecology than a woman, simply because he doesn't know what it's like first-hand, but he's had hundreds of patients and has worked hard to understand everything he can. She wished that more males went into the field nowadays: Once I got over the vagina thing, I'd have a few more concerns, some crazy - some rational.

On the crazy side, I have the worry that you'd constantly be scrutinizing my vag. On the not crazy side, I think it would be really hard to date a doctor who wasn't in the private practice years of his life which, as I understand, comes after grueling years of residencies and public sector work.

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The long and unpredictable hours would make dating and my comfortable homebody style of partnership pretty hard. Also not crazy - I would sort of assume that if he was that interested in that field, he would want children some day, and I'm about sure that that's not anything I'll ever want. I personally do not see it as in any way creepy or anything. Quite the opposite, if I have some confusion, I have my bf who is a gyno to ask from time to time. Sounds like complete win situation actually: I wouldn't be opposed to it, personally.

It's a job , how on earth can it be considered perverted? If anything it'd be useful to have an expert on hand!

Should I date my gynecologist? - guyQ by AskMen

If I lived in the U. I'd probably want to know whether you'd be comfortable performing abortions- to me that's basic women's health care, but in some areas it's also pretty risky. I've never dated a gynecologist, but I think that my only very fleeting concern would be that if he's looking at vaginas all day he might be burned out by the time he got to mine: I wouldn't rule it out or consider it a huge plus.

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It's doing important work -- and I'd guess you might have more reasonable hours than many in healthcare jobs. His specialty isn't necessarily a factor. I don't see why not. Women who wouldn't date you because they think you're a pervert are too immature anyway. You wouldn't be missing out on anything there. Choosing a specialty is hard enough.

It'll sort itself out. You'll probably be dating people who are related to the medical field in some way or another anyway, because who else are you going to be spending your time with during residency? I don't see why a male gynecologist would be assumed to be a pervert.

Dating a gynecologist is bothering me!

My first gynecologist was a man. Though I think some people get into obstetrics because they love babies, and I'm not interested in having kids so I'd be on the watch for that. Its just a job. I don't think people who are not in the medical field realise that you don't really see patients That way. Fancy yourself as an agony aunt?


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Advice On Dating A Doctor - Responding to Your Comments! - Doctor Mike

ORG - we actively monitor for copyright theft. I think I would really wonder about it… same thing with proctologists, etc. It would take a stronger woman than me to deal with that! It is just part of his job — it comes with training and experience. The vast majority of the patients he would see would probably not be very appealing anyway! My fiance is a urologist. I usually just make fun of him. I am a vet and I spend a large portion of my day cutting off testicles.

Fiance has expressed mild concern that I know how to do this. This is a hilarious question. I would take issue with marrying any doctor because of the crazy busy lifestyle. I would have zero problem with this. Find support, ask questions, swap stories, and follow brides planning real weddings here on Weddingbee.