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This was more-or-less the same OKC profile I used to attract my girlfriend. I really, really need a follow up to what type of success he had. Were there women who responded that had a great sense of dry humor and "got it"? Or did he receive responses from women he purported to be seeking? Or did he simply not get any responses? Man, would love to find out the result. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy.

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Best Dating Profile Ever. : funny

We've got ourselves a writer here! I love him already.

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Not that I would know I think I may be wasting my best years on reddit. Time for the gym.


But what kind of Hersheys smells like vomit? Light through yonder window breaks? Page loaded only the first half of your comment when I replied. I am so much better than all of you fucks!


As an addd bonus: I have cats I occasionally write really shitty fanfic I am consumed with regret about paths not taken. On the plus side: I can cook a really good roast chicken and potatoes Call me?

TOP 60 Funniest Tinder Profiles On The Internet - Alonzo Lerone

Breast meat always tastes like cardboard to me from roast chicken. Works like a charm. My writing is just as bad as hers, where's my movie deal, goddammit?!? Can't tell if hot or not. British people hate everything, especially themselves. I just turned 30 and that's my life now.. I spend multiple hours per day doing absolutely nothing productive, then I get a spur of inspiration and become extremely productive for an hour or so.

During that time, I hypocritically judge others around me for not being productive. Same, except I always have to stop in the middle of the hour to masturbate for some reason. I'm a student and I do homework in my room. I'm looking to date 7 to 10 years younger because I'm aging really well. You know, all the sleep from being single and childless. My wife is 8 years younger than me and honestly it's a huge difference. I can't explain every Mr. Belvedere reference to you, woman. Go throw in my vhs tapes and watch 'em.

Most people would probably consider me white trash. I plan on killing myself in I will treat you right, though. Lesbian who always wanted to be a farmer. If you're physically strong and have broad shoulders, nice arms, and a solid body I'm yours ;. I feel like I'm witnessing the beginning of a beautiful love story that ends in a tragic tractor accident.

This thread is convincing me that if people aren't being honest on their profiles - they totally should be.